eFan Prototype

Greetings! Thanks for checking this page out. This page will give you a progression from concept to a real prototype of a fan made on a cnc. The material used to make the efan was Ultem(™).

Here’s a 3d model of the eFan which was model with 3d CAD software.


Then, this model was later modified to have less spirals and later made into a prototype from Ultem(™).

Picture 1 shows a perspective view adjacent a dime.

Picture 2 shows the same eFan at another angle.
Picture 3 shows a side view of the prototype.
Picture 4 shows the back view of the prototype.

Of course, this is one sample. Cardatech has prototyped many inventions especially those that include electronics such as a game controller and many others that are under a non-disclosure agreement.