Cardatech provides patent legal services to protect your invention from sharks. The company is based in Alexandria, Virginia close to the patent Office. The company has thirteen years of experience working with patents and knows exactly how to obtain a swift patent granted.

Cardatech’s founder, Ernesto Garcia, is a patent agent specializing in a variety of trending technologies. Ten and half years were devoted to the US Patent and Trademark Office and understands the legal aspects of the patent system. His motto is writing a good quality patent. If anybody can read his work, then anybody should be able to understand the invention without the legal jargon. Shouldn’t the invention be written so that the neighbor can grasp it rather be lost in the legal world? Of course. His talent is having one understand the invention in the simplest form.

The company’s founder understand the frustrations and obstacles facing the small inventor. He understands as he himself has invented several inventions and understands very well what others are going through. For updates follow me on twitter